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Workers Compensation FAQ

What type of injuries does the California Workers Compensation Law cover?

Neck or back pain caused form lifting heavy objects, carpal tunnel syndrome; amputations of fingers or hand from machinery;  knee or back injured from repetitive motion or from pushing, pulling, or lifting; psychiatric claims and any injury or illness attributable to the job. If this occurs you are entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits!


If I was paid cash or am not legal in the United States can I still claim Workers Compensation Benefits?

Yes. Even if your employer paid your wages in cash you can still receive benefits if you were injured on the job. The laws of the State of California protect injured workers even if they are not in this state legally.

What do I do if I am injured at work?

Notify your employer immediately and request that you be seen by a qualified medical doctor in order to receive prompt medical treatment. If you need emergency medical treatment at a hospital make sure you tell the medical personnel that you were injured at work. Notify an experience lawyer in order to protect all of your rights. You may be entitled to temporary total disability (TTD), permanent partial disability (PPD), permanent total disability (PTD) compensation. You will also have your hospital bills, doctor bills, diagnostic testing, physical therapy, medications and surgery paid for by the employer is you are injured while at work.


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