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Injured Worker
"Injuries at work happen all the time. You may be entitled to temporary disability, past and future medical, permanent disability and work vouchers benefits."

If you have suffered an injury at work, or a family member experienced a work related death, you have legal rights under the California Workers Compensation Laws. Understand that the employers are not interested in protecting your interests; they are interested in protecting their assets. We can assist you in obtaining maximum benefits for the work related injuries you experienced.

We can assist you in obtaining your workers compensation benefits, such as temporary total disability (TTD), permanent partial disability (PPD), permanent total disability (PTD) compensation. You will also have your hospital bills, doctor bills, diagnostic testing, physical therapy, medications and surgery paid for by the employer is you are injured while at work.

We can represent anyone in the Workers Compensation Boards located in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, Oxnard, Pomona, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Ana and Van Nuys.

Notify your employer immediately if you are injured on the job and ask for medical attention. This will assist us in having evidence of the date and nature of the injury. Show up to all of the doctors’ appointments including your physical therapy and return to work if and when the doctor releases you for work. If the doctor provides limitations to your work such as light duty, you must comply with those restrictions.

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